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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

When you own a business in Ohio, there are specific laws regarding carrying commercial insurance. In some instances, your business has to purchase particular types of insurance to meet state laws. These types are mandated, but there are also many types of commercial policies that are helpful for business owners, even if they aren't required by law. If you have questions about commercial insurance in Ohio, call us at Modern Insurance to find out more.

Workers' Compensation

This type of insurance policy pays the medical bills and other costs associated with an employee having an accident or contracting an illness while at work. While many states require this coverage only if a small business has a certain number of employees, Ohio requires it for all companies with any number of employees, even just one. Because this policy pays for the medical bills of sick or injured employees, it protects your business from lawsuits that could result from such occurrences. It can even produce an employee's lost wages who must be out due to an accident or illness.

Commercial Auto Coverage

If your business owns a vehicle, that vehicle has to have a commercial auto insurance policy. Like workers' compensation insurance, this can protect you from lawsuits and ensure that the company doesn't have to come up with the money for medical and property damage bills. This policy type is required to have a certain minimum amount of coverage for bodily injury that happens to one person in an accident. It also requires another amount for everyone who becomes injured in an accident. In addition, there is a set amount needed for property damage liability. However, these minimum amounts are fairly low, so it's often recommended that you add some coverage to the state minimum.

Get Commercial Insurance

If you need commercial insurance, give us a call today to find out about the many available policies to businesses of all sizes. Call us at Modern Insurance today.